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Nuru To Body Massage

Nuru Body Massage

Duration: 60/90 minutes

What is Nuru Massage?

Nuru is a silky, sliding erotic massage style that uses the fully naked body to massage and stimulate your partner (or each other). Unlike most other body work, with nuru, which directly translates to “slippery”, everyone is completely nude and covered in an ultra-slippery gel and then the masseuse (or both partners) uses their entire body to rub, stroke, and grind against their partner. 

While it traditionally originated in Japan, thanks to its focus on full body contact nuru has gone global and become popular both as foreplay and as a deeply erotic experience without the need for intercourse. Touches and sensations are often centered around the erogenous zones, but it is a truly full body experience for both partners, using everything from breasts and shoulders to thighs and butt to maximize skin to skin contact and heighten sensations. All with silky, slippery assistance from the special substance that makes it all possible.

Traditionally, a gel lubricant made with nori seaweed and other natural extracts was used to achieve just the right of slickness, but as the practice has spread globally, the drive for the perfect balance of ultra-slippery and delicious friction has created more modern formulations like . This is especially good for anyone who might be worried about skin irritation or  allergies – remember you are going to be covered in this sumptuous goo so you want to make sure you find (and patch test) the right one for you.

The Benefits of Nuru Massage

Nude massage? Built in slip and slide? What other reasons do you need to try this out? But it gets even better, there are a lot more benefits to nuru than meets the eye:

Lightens the Mood  – Let’s get this out of the way early – while erotic massage can be wildly sensual it can also be a great way to let go of pretense and enjoy a laugh with your partner. You’re both literally naked and slip-sliding all over (and sometimes off) the bed. You should both feel comfortable acknowledging the awkwardness and indulge in the goofs and giggles anytime it happens. Laughing together is a great way to release any tension or embarrassment and ease into the experience without any worry about what you look like. 

Helps with Stress Relief  – Speaking of tension, massage in general is one of the most holistic practices we can use to improve our health, both physical and mental. Skin to skin contact, like massage, cuddling, which can help reduce feelings of stress and trigger a greater feeling of wellbeing. 

Encourages Blood Circulation – Massage has been across the body. The variety of different strokes and movements of nuru’s slippery massage, from light brushes of the breasts or fingers to the firmer friction of shoulders and thighs, can help blood flow more freely to the skin and muscles of the body. You know what blood flow also leads to?

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