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Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage

Duration: 60/90 minutes

Sandwich Massage: Why you should go for it?

Erratic work schedule, binging on junk food more than often, spending hours at your desk job, getting too caught up with your clients, and then probably squeezing some time for hitting the gym or a yoga studio- the cycle continues and we seem to merely surrender at least five days a week.

Is your mind a junk box of worries, chewing on the steep utility bills, the pending plumbing work, the kitchen sink needing a fix, or your child looking for some homework help? Well, without hitting the panic button, let things take their own turn, and trust us, at the end of the day you will be able to manage it all! Well, just a passing yet important thought – what are you doing for yourself? Those tension knots need a release, the pain pockets in your bodying craving for some good massage require some expert hands, the toxins in your body are panting to be eliminated, and your body and mind need to hibernate for a while from worldly worries. So the answer to all this is a fascinating sandwich massage session that will pamper you to the core helping you to relax in the true sense of the term.

A Brief Introduction to Sandwich Massage

A sandwich body massage is also known as a 4-hand massage as it’s done by two therapists. It’s like experiencing a full body massage-lapping you up in oodles of pleasure and leaving you energized and in high spirits at the end of the session.

When you are sandwiched between two massage therapists, your experience becomes one of a kind. Your mind reacts differently when four hands hit your body. Whether you love adventure or not but want to feel how different relaxation procedures leave you spoilt, then sandwich massage fits the bill perfectly!

What you can expect?

In this type of massage procedure, when the ‘wow’ experience starts, you will find yourself making an effort to keep track of the therapists’ massage techniques, trying to assess what each one is doing and how you are feeling. This very mystery, in the beginning, is what makes it more attractive and intriguing. As soon as you begin to relax and loosen up, you let go of trying to figure out anything and just enjoy and soak in pleasure and a higher dose of relaxation.

The entire massage session performed by two therapists, smooths and realigns your muscles with a combination of various strokes, deep tissue methods, pressure point work, and much more. The intensity of the hand movements in perfect sync increases your blood circulation and offers you a satisfying experience.

5 noteworthy reasons to go for a sandwich massage

  • It helps you offload stress so you get up and recharged to focus on things in a better way
  • It helps you in maintaining the eating and sleeping cycle well in order
  • It hits you differently as two people give their attention to your body and relaxation gets redefined
  • It also improves your immunity power, so you become strong from within!
  • Go for it if you love to have a taste of the unknown and offload bouts of stress

To know the feeling in real, if you are done reading, get up and try it out today! Book an appointment! And if you are already acquainted with the multifarious benefits that a sandwich massage therapy offers, we are sure you would love to go for it again – make sure you choose the best spa and wellness center! 

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